Pseudo-documentary worthless video

Screenshot from HBO GO

My younger brother is an avid Michael Jackson fan. From babbling about how shitty the Estate is to printing a Bad T-shirt, he really knows what he’s talking about. He is the most up-to-date person in the house regarding Jackson, meaning he was the first person to bring me to attention about the new HBO 4-hour “crap”, Leaving Neverland, which brings in the alleged victims of Jackson’s pedophilia where they recall history. He talked about how bland and inaccurate it is, how it is awesome that it has been taken to legal attention, and how stupid the mainstream media is…

A harrowing picture that never shames itself for exploring

Screenshot from Blu-ray

The 2006 movie World Trade Center, an early and very close-up piece of one of the most disastrous moments in recorded history, begins with silence. And out of nowhere, as you expected, disaster. Gradually puzzled, one by one. But although director Oliver Stone aims for a slow reveal, the result speeds a bit, which is never a bad thing. The result is precision, and as Stone gleefully realizes this, he makes the rest of the biopic script consistent with this pace.

At times, it’s very hard for a period piece to really makes the (genuine) viewers immersed in its content…

Confusing action loses the original authenticity

Screenshot from Netflix

Prior to watching Aliens, Alien’s seuqel, I judge the movie by its cover and deem it lame. You can hate me all I want, but then all my fears come true.

This is not coming from my disappointment that Aliens is an action movie instead of a horror one. Because of that disappointment, I kept my expectations low and try assuming good faith in the movie and what James Cameron has to offer. …

Fine debut, certainly not great

Photo by Joel Wyncott on Unsplash

Never, ever, treat a debut like a normal piece. Treat it as a start: look at the writer’s pros and cons, style, and just how he does it. Review it as if you’re a competition judge, though you’re not. Because a debut never expects a wide scope of scholarly criticism. So I did that with The Deadly Violin: Five Detectives Quest, a novel by newcomer Andy M. Baramuli, found while scouring through the old shelves. Sadly, in this case, nothing works.

No reviews of this novel are complete without mentioning its style. Sadly, there are no perfect words to describe…

Slightly long, but intriguing and memorable

Screenshot from Disney+ Hotstar

There’s a trick to watching these simple-ish old movies. First, do not read the synopsis; read the genre, and if it fits for you, watch it. Second, don’t get bored by its simplistic title. Instead, embrace the simplicity throughout the movie. At most times, the trick succeeds, and you’ll love it just like how people ‘back in mah day’ did. My first try at this is with 1979’s Alien.

It could’ve been a major concern to me that the movie is (factually) predictable. At least it still is a concern. However Alien doesn’t try to be unpredictable. It exploits predictability…

Appealing and poetic, but long and dull

Screenshot from Netflix

There’s just something so heartful to black-and-white movies, and the plot of Roma really fits the format. This story of a family told through the eyes of a maid who also has an intimate subplot utilizes its colour type to try to visualize the mind and thoughts of the beloved characters, emphasizing its themes and time. Though some scenes may be too bright over the other, one could imagine this movie in colour, which will be more irritating and unlively to me. Reduce the quality a bit, and I’ll give this aspect a 100/100.

It’s not the best it could…

Beautiful and educational as usual, but forgettable

Screenshot from YouTube

If all videos of John D. Boswell (channel: melodysheep) is a day at school, then his 2020 The Secret History of the Moon is like a break, a huge break, though obviously short. Unlike other Boswell shorts, this is a stylistic listicle stating the possible theories of how our glorious ill-fate Moon came from, and/or how it was created. Its title didn’t seem as heavy as the rest, because it is, and will only be to the palette of specific people. Which is great.

Undeniably, the visuals here are great, alongside the melancholic and superb score, as well as exceptional…

Dull disgrace to Indonesia

Screenshot from Netflix

In most circumstances, the word “Rocky Soraya” is a red flag when seeing horror movies. Why? If you look through his filmography, you’ll see a spam of gory jumpscares that has the same narrative flow, same characters, same concerns, and same style. The only reason he is successful is because of Indonesians who adopt the ‘jumpscare-is-horror’ notion, already covering their eyes even during the production company intro. His 2018 film Sabrina is a good example of how he writes horror, and to further understand him, watch it in repeat. That’s how shitty this movie is, and most others.

As Common…

Authentic, lovable animation

Screenshot from Netflix

If you want a refresh from an exhausting activity or a filler to a boring day, If Anything Happens I Love You could just be that treat, and can also be more. Most of you may have known the entire plot even if you haven’t watched it, but seeing the way it flows is just satisfying and really mind-blowing. It could also be affecting those who have lost their loved ones.

I’m glad most people understood the movie’s message of the need to end gun violence and the movie’s poignant observation of how grief plays out — in a very…

Uneven, but really stunning

Screenshot from YouTube

Turning Tide is more than what its amateur title suggests. Delayed in release by production shortcomings, lack of budget, and complicated visual effects for a novice film team, it tells a story of understanding, passion, and humanity in the most indie, wide way a novice can get.

I quickly liked the main character for today: David McKellar, a young Scottish boy with immense love for aviation. We start with David playing with his miniature warplane, wooshing it around and tracking his eyes with the movement. We don’t need minutes of walking through a day with him like most features do…

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